Jonathan Ho

Traffic Services Division Manager

Jonathan Ho

Jonathan Ho is a Traffic Engineer, Division Manager, and a Mentor at Binnie.

Jonathan (Jon) leads a close-knit team in providing traffic engineering services to the company’s public and private sector clients.

I love working on cars and driving, and I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer when I first attended university. But I somehow stumbled on Civil…

Jon chose to focus on Transportation Engineering studies, which led to his employment with Binnie’s Transportation team focused on the design of transportation infrastructure.
Jon is currently mentoring two staff. He finds it very rewarding – a way to ‘pay it forward’ as he received significant mentoring when he started as a part-time co-op student at Binnie 7 years ago.

When I first came to Binnie there was a lot of learning, but the senior staff here provided all the training and mentorship I needed. I was given a lot of responsibility coming here just as the previous Traffic Engineer was leaving. I started off as an EIT, then P.Eng., did some project management, then I had the privilege to take on this [management] role.

Jon notes that there are many talented Transportation Engineers with similar skills in the Lower Mainland – many of whom he has met through the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). Modest to a point, Jon suggests it was a combination of timing and skill that led to his management position at Binnie.

No matter how hard you work, it comes down to timing. When I graduated from school there were many big projects going on – Sea to Sky [Highway], Canada Line, Port Mann Highway 1…

While he is busy mentoring staff, Jon is also directly involved in project work as Binnie’s lead Traffic Engineer; he finds technical tasks particularly fulfilling.

I love technical work – signal timing design, traffic analysis, 2D and 3D modelling (I’m a former SIM City fan and people still think I am playing that at work.)

Having been with the company for 9 years, Jon has worked on many challenging projects within a team of veteran, as well as young, engineers and technologists. He has continued his education while getting real world work experience and learning more about the consulting business.

Becoming the first PTOE [Professional Traffic Operations Engineer] at Binnie was one of my proudest moments. I currently hold the title as the youngest shareholder. I saw a lot of growth in the company, we’ve been through some exciting times. So I decided I was a probably a lifer…

It’s kind of like working with a lot of good family members and friends. I work a lot with a variety of people; we are the go-to traffic advisors for other divisions in the company.

Jon lives by the motto, Carpe Diem, Seize the Day. He keeps busy after hours with industry socials and volunteering.

I work hard and try to play hard too. I’m involved with the ITE. I’ve been through all the ranks of the Greater Vancouver Chapter. I’ve made friends with many people in the same industry.

Nicknamed “the Binnie bookie”, Jon enjoys Binnie’s hockey and soccer pools. He once organized a Mahjong night at work, he recalls that night as a fun time that brought together staff from other divisions in the company.

Favourite Movie:
Die Hard (1 – 4) Great movies! John McClane has never given up against all odds and baddies!

Jon enjoys landscape and travel photography. He also enjoys working on cars and he hopes to put his other car in storage back on the road one day.