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Advanced Drainage Systems: Binnie Engineering Services

Binnie provides municipal services in Western Canada from Southern BC and the West Coast to Central and Northern BC.

Our scope of work includes projects such as the design and construction of sanitary sewer systems and advanced drainage systems, stormwater drainage and engineering, infrastructure building and renewal, surveying, and other civil engineering and landscape architect services for BC municipalities.

For challenging water management systems, we perform drainage studies and design the best solution.  Those solutions can result in effective management of water as well as an improvement to the landscape, such as site re-grading to new rain gardens designed to collect the flow from the water drainage systems.

We have also been called in to assist municipalities to proactively manage high flood risk areas and plan and design effective engineer solutions to changing environments.


Examples of municipal projects we have worked on include:

Pitt Meadows, BC – rehabilitation of sanitary sewer on Mitchell Road, using a trenchless technology method;

Scott Road between 103 A Avenue and 96 Avenue, Surrey BC – consulting services that included project management, preliminary and detailed design, survey, inspection and contract administration;

Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC – road widening project including new bus bay, curb and sidewalk for 265 metres.  Project included closing in the ditch, installing a new storm sewer and Stormwater management services, replacement of existing watermain, relocation of utility poles, revised driveways grades, and alignment and grading design for extensive retaining structures.

BC Visitor Centre at Peace Arch, Surrey – detailed design and construction site review of parking lot and underground infrastructure servicing the new building. The project was designed to meet LEED Gold standards and included advanced drainage systems planning, such as bio-swales, permeable concrete and a landscaped median;

Central Valley Greenway, Section 1, Burnaby, BC – design of a 6.5 metre wide pedestrian and bicycle path as part of the Greenway bike network between Boundary Road and Gilmore Avenue in Burnaby. Project included asphaltic concrete design, installed of stamped asphalt, landscape of area adjacent to the path, contract administration and construction inspection;

Maclure Road Widening, Section 2, Abbotsford, BC – design and contract administration services for the upgrade, widening and reconstruction of Maclure Road between Gladwin Road and Horn Street; complete with irrigated landscaped medians, street lighting, sidewalks on both sides, and cedar hedges and fencing installed adjacent to residential properties for visual screening and sound attenuation. A storm sewer system was also part of the design and construction.  Management of a number of environmental and geotechnical challenges were addressed related to unstable underlying soil, sedimentation control and minimization of disturbance to the riparian areas

Campbell Heights, Surrey, BC – sanitary sewer system design and construction.

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