Municipal Services: Engineering Consulting

Engineering Consulting and Civil Engineering Design

We specialize in providing engineering consulting, design and planning services to municipalities across Western Canada.

We work with municipalities on projects like advanced sewer and water drainage systems, traffic solutions, local road paving and improvements, land development engineering projects, parks and recreation facilities, and much more.

We have a 48 year history of providing engineering services in Western Canada and are proud of the role we have played in supporting infrastructure growth and maintenance across British Columbia.  We are experienced working in public private partnerships (P3), as well P2s (federal and municipal government partnerships).   Additionally, we have worked as Owner’s Engineer, on design-build projects, on design-build-develop projects, and on design-build-finance-operate projects.

We provide support to municipalities in public engagement and community input sessions and are committed to participating in the development of strong stakeholder engagement processes.  Our services include assisting municipalities by providing feedback and assessment on systems from project inception to completion.  We understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable infrastructure for the community and ensuring that residents, business owners and all stakeholders are heard.

Infrastructure Renewal and Growth

We have the experience and the talented staff to develop infrastructure that is sustainable and long-lasting.  We are often called upon to assess municipal projects and determine if the existing infrastructure can be upgraded or if new infrastructure is required.  We support effective asset management planning through our experience, resources and talent.  We are focused on creating sustainable solutions for growing, connecting and enhancing our communities; additionally, we have experience working on LEED® projects and we employ LEED® certified professionals.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Highways and Transportation
  • Roads and Systems
  • Parks, Sports and Recreation Facilities
  • Stormwater Management
  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

Engineering Consulting Project Highlight: Burnaby, BC Municipality – Canada Way Widening

Binnie completed the design, prepared the tender document, administered the contract and provided field services for widening the Canada Way from Kensington to Clayton Avenue in Burnaby. Our work involved dealing with major grade changes at the property line caused by the road widening and fully addressing property impacts.

As the work also impacted Deer Lake Brook, we obtained the necessary environmental approvals. We coordinated pole re-locations with the utility companies to enable the road widening and we arranged for the realignment of a major BC gas main to accommodate the retaining wall structures.

The work included drainage improvements, street lighting, traffic signals and road works. Traffic management issues and construction staging were critical elements on this extremely busy highway carrying east-west commuter traffic through Burnaby.

Engineering Consulting Project Highlight: Surrey City Development Corporation – Campbell Heights North Business Park

This business development covers an area of 250 acres over five phases and a number of years and called for designing solutions for handling a 100-year rain event.

We used our accumulated project experience to develop a multi-layered, innovative solution that had numerous checks, redundancies and overall safety protocols.  Minimizing impacts and preserving infrastructure were important criteria in the design and engineering of possible future events.

We worked closely with the Surrey City Development Corporation to ensure that the site design and water management systems were developed for potential climate change impacts. Due to the site geography and soil base we were able to drain surface runoff through vegetated roadside bioswales and ex-filtration galleries.

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