Construction Services: Expert Paving Solutions

Paving Expert Assistance in Maintaining Roads and Highways

Binnie Road Construction Services Division provides paving expert solutions for the maintenance of your roads and highways.

We specialize in infrastructure and road paving assessment and in building preventative maintenance programs that help you extend the life span of your roads and highways.

Many of our roads and highways are nearing the end of their life span in an environment of population growth, increased density, and increased movement of people, goods and resources across Western Canada.  Decisions to build or rehabilitate roads must be made with the goal of achieving the highest value for the expenditures.  In this environment, it is of significant importance to ensure that infrastructure spending is a longer term investment.

Expert Paving Solutions

Our paving experts are specialists in working with clients to ensure that roads are well built, well managed and well maintained.  The goal in paving design and planning is to ensure that new roads are well planned, that road-life is extended, and that preventative maintenance includes a sustainability strategy to rehabilitate existing pavement.

We help you decide which road paving solution is the best approach. As your representative, we analyze your road inventory and pavement condition and conduct a performance or life expectancy assessment of your existing roads.  We then build a pavement management program that includes budget, scope, schedule and paving recommendations.

We work with you to develop a rehabilitation program for your jurisdiction or area that is sustainable and extends the pavement life. We review a number of options with you and recommend the best solution for your pavement management program.

Paving Options

Rehabilitation options include:  crack sealing, cold milling and patching to correct pavement and base deficiencies, hot-in-place (HIP) recycling, new asphaltic concrete mix overlays, pavement reclamation, and seal coating.

For both new road paving and rehabilitation of existing roads, we are experienced with green technologies such as ‘warm mix’ and the use of recycled materials in pavements. We support and advocate environmental and sustainable engineering methods.

Our Road Construction Services Division has many years of experience in engineering and planning for optimum road construction and performance.  Our expertise and talent will provide you with the best road management program available.


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