Morteza brings a unique scope of experience to his role as a Design Engineer in our Omni Division.

Before Binnie

Morteza Golkari is an engineer of record for Binnie’s port and industrial projects. His role entails a combination of design work and team leadership. He manages projects and interacts with colleagues, contractors, clients, and vendors.

Although he’s only been with Binnie since 2017 (when Omni was a separate entity), Morteza has been an international engineering professional since 1991. Back at the beginning of his career, Morteza worked on land development, municipal infrastructure, as well as oil and gas projects in Iran. Before that, he received his Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Tehran, and his Master of Science in water resources and environmental engineering from Shiraz University.

Did you know? In Iran there are two types of engineering designations: one is a P.Eng. equivalent, and the other is judiciary to help judges resolve conflicts.

In tandem with his engineering career, Morteza also taught university courses for 22 years. During that time he gave lectures to young professionals, co-authored two books, and published numerous papers.

Compelling projects

He reflects on that time with fondness and pride. It was also an era of fascinating projects – one of which involved a water treatment plant on a war-torn island in the Persian Gulf. Challenges were ceaseless and Morteza encountered different situations every day. His main point of pride, however, is that he completed the project solely, from design and procurement through construction and delivery.

One of his most unique projects was the replacement of 84 inches of carbon steel from an undersea petroleum line that had been hit by a rocket. Morteza used an unusual procedure as the replacement was done while the line was still in service.

From 2000-2012, Morteza made the pivotal decision to stop using his car, and walk everywhere he went. In those twelve years, he walked the equivalent of 2.5 laps of the globe going between his home and office. His love for moving still carries on, as he hikes nearly every day.

During the carless years, Morteza worked in a city called Sadra. At the time, it was a newly-established city looking to increase its capacity by 200,000. He was responsible for engineering the wastewater collection systems, stormwater management, and wastewater treatment plants. Contributing to the growth of a city is a particular point of pride in the personal history of this remarkable design engineer.

Morteza trivia:

  1. The university he went to was next to a blood transfusion clinic. They often asked students to donate blood, so they all did. To this day, Morteza continues to donate blood as often as possible.
  2. He is on the board of the Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of BC, volunteers as a judge in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair and mentors newcomer engineers with the Immigrant Employment Council of BC.
  3. Back home in Iran, Morteza participated in a provincial association of professional engineers, heading their water engineering committee. He was also on the board of an NGO where he gave presentations about environmental awareness.

He has mastered water resources, he has walked around the globe twice, he has shared his knowledge. Morteza is fortunate to have found his passion and apply it to his life, noting:

…engineering was the answer to my childhood curiosity, creativity, and passion to make things better.