Vasily Lisovskiy, P.Eng., one of our Design Engineers, is a modern-day polymath. After speaking with him, one is awestruck by his ability to master anything he puts his mind to.

Originally, Vasily saw himself making a career as a historian. He has always had a curious nature and loved asking questions. To this day, he continues to ponder the existence and relation of the objects and events around him, as well as the evolution of everything.

As a young child, he was always good at math, so his teacher encouraged him to pursue more a lucrative field. Vasily was inspired by a childhood role model – his friend’s father was an engineer, and he was happy to follow in his footsteps.

Vasily has experience in both mechanical and civil engineering but chose a career in civil engineering because it allowed him to express himself through his work. He has also found himself in other fields like sales and security at different points in his life.

At Binnie, Vasily works with local municipalities to develop infrastructure solutions. He takes pride in his work because it benefits the community. One of his projects includes replacing a generating station on a river. It stands out to him because of its unique location, interesting history, and innovative design.

Working at Binnie not only allows Vasily to help the community, but it has also helped his career. Binnie’s mentoring program paired Vasily with Amanda Rust, manager of our Water Resources division. This pairing has allowed him to share his mistakes, develop soft skills, set goals, and gain more self-confidence – all of which are very important to Vasily.

What does the future hold for Vasily? Thanks to his mentorship, he confidently sees himself moving into a project management role.

When asked how to make the most of any mentorship, Vasily had this to say:

“Try to get the most out of your mentorship relationships by adhering to an agenda.”

When asked about general career advice for others, Vasily added:

“Be honest with yourself…when you enjoy something you do; you don’t feel the time go by. Be honest with what you like and what you don’t like.”

When he’s not at work, you can find Vasily spending quality time with his wife and two sons. He also enjoys learning how to play new instruments like bass and drums – we’re sure he’ll be a pro in no time.