Richard Bush

Division Manager, Business Development Leader

Richard Bush

Shareholder and Civil Engineer, Richard Bush, has been with Binnie for 15 years, completing his P.Eng. and then his MBA. He now leads 26 staff in the Project Services Division.

Being a natural networker, quick learner, and overall friendly guy has led Civil Engineer Richard through the ranks and divisions of Binnie to a management position. Richard has worked in Binnie’s Municipal, Construction, and Transportation divisions, finally arriving at the Project Services Division in 2009. Six years later, Richard was promoted to manager of the division, where he is responsible for 26 busy project managers.

Having been mentored by Binnie senior staff, Richard coordinates and mentors his own staff in the demanding and varied job that is project management. Along with his staff, Richard manages projects on behalf of his clients, and often from their location. His job is by nature always changing and he thrives on that. For each project, Richard learns new business systems and processes and works with all types of people – planners, contractors, consultants, purchasers, financial officers… Richard manages all types of jobs as well – road rehabilitation, building upgrades, highway improvements. He enjoys meeting and interacting with different types of people and learning how other businesses operate.

Over the last 15 years, Richard has developed many long-lasting friendships with other Binnie staff, and he socializes with them during his free time. His team is close and supportive – Richard enjoys their company and their shared sense of humour.

For me, I get a lot of support out of my network – my colleagues at Binnie, and my clients too. I like to say: I may not know the answer but I probably know who does.

Use your network to help you through things. I’ve been a networker since high school. I maintain and grow my network at work, social events, and in my personal time. For me it’s more about the conversation and interaction than the actual event.

Throughout my career [at Binnie] the people above me have spent the time to get to know me. And hopefully I can pass that on to my staff.

Favourite Movie:

Rocky IV, since I was a kid. I like his determination when the odds are against him.


I’ve always enjoyed music and I play electric and acoustic guitar. I like classic rock: CCR, Tragically Hip, Tom Petty…

When I was a kid I loved it when my mom would buy me a 45. Whenever people came to visit the first thing I’d ask was “You got records?”

Richard is an avid cyclist and participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this year, his second time riding in a fundraising event. On August 27 and 28, he cycled from Vancouver to Seattle to raise funds for cancer research.


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