The RISE initiative

RISE is a grassroots staff-led initiative supporting staff at Binnie who identify with the female-lived experience in the engineering workplace. Our mission is to raise female voices in a collaborative, goal-driven, and supportive environment through regular initiatives and events where we can connect with each other, empower change, and build our business. 

RISE for Everyone

The RISE initiative is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space at Binnie. RISE welcomes everyone to consider the following format when deciding which group you may identify with and what content you choose to engage with. 

RISE Members: Individuals thatmay include female, queer, and femme-expressing people, and the gender-nonconforming community. Members can include anyone that self-identifies with the female-lived experience in the engineering workplace.

RISE Allies: Individuals that are committed to listening to, learning about, and advocating for the needs, interests, and voices of RISE Members.

These descriptions are non-exhaustive, and some staff may find value in content provided for either group. We listen and respect all voices that identify as RISE Members and/or Allies. We invite feedback on ways we can better support Binnie staff with this initiative.

Contact a RISE Committee Member by emailing