Our Mentoring Program pairs experienced employees with those in the earlier stages of their career to create meaningful connections and support professional development.

Binnie’s Mentoring Program intends to connect Mentors and Mentees and provide them with the opportunity to share their skills, knowledge, and experience to facilitate each of their own personal and professional development and growth.

The most successful mentoring relationship exists when both mentor and mentee are committed to
learning from each other, contributing and working to keep communication lines open, and facilitate a
respectful and trusting relationship. With the assistance of Binnie’s Human Resources Team, we will aim to provide resources that will orient our young professionals to the program and provide them with helpful tips and resources to ensure a successful partnership.

We are an EGBC Accredited Employer. Binnie’s program has been recognized for providing a work environment where Trainees (EIT’s) can obtain the required training and experience on their path towards registration as a Professional Engineer. We have already had 20 employees become registered Professional Engineers in our first 3 years in the program.

Our Engineering Co-op Program provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience before they graduate.

Are you looking for ways to increase your impact and add value? Our Young Professionals Committee (YPC) provides mentorship, professional development, and social events that establish opportunities for the next generation of Binnie leaders to help each other develop, learn and grow. The Binnie YPC is an organized group, that targets specific social and professional development events each year, and encourage member participation in industry associations.

The YPC was formed to bring together Binnie’s YP’s in an organized forum. They assist in the company’s continued success in being recognized as an employer of choice for new and recent graduates, providing a space where YP’s can express their opinions, suggestions, and concerns with one another.