Jasmin Chana, EIT

Jasmin Chana, EIT, is a Water Resources Engineer here at Binnie. Jasmin’s journey at Binnie...

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Simon Church, P.Eng.

Project Engineer

Simon Church, P.Eng. is a Project Engineer with Binnie. He recently stepped into his new...

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Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett has been with Binnie for over 5 years and works with our team...

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Jason Fong, EIT

Jason Fong, EIT, is a Project Engineer here at Binnie. Jason’s calm and upbeat demeanour...

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Wilfred Wong, EIT

Wilfred Wong, EIT is an Electrical Design engineer who is primarily responsible for consulting with...

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Carey Jones

Carey Jones is a Project Management Technician who works out of Binnie’s Kamloops office. She...

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