Jasmin Chana, EIT

Jasmin Chana, EIT, is a Water Resources Engineer here at Binnie. Jasmin’s journey at Binnie...

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Lue Iwasiuk

Lue Iwasiuk (she/them) is a Senior Proposal Coordinator at Binnie who brought more than five...

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Wai-Sue Louie

Wai-Sue Louie is a Senior Project Manager/Park Planner with the Sports, Recreation & Open Spaces...

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Xyllene Guerra, P.Eng.

Highway Design Engineer

Xyllene (pronounced SUH-leen) Guerra is one our young professionals working as a Highway Design Engineer....

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Amrita Banerjee, P.Eng., PE

Division Manager, Sr. Project Manager, Associate

Amrita Banerjee, P.Eng. began her engineering career in northern India. In May 2018, she joined...

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