Owner’s Engineer for Robert’s Bank Rail Corridor Program

Owner’s Engineer for Robert’s Bank Rail Corridor Program

The objective of the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program is to improve 70 kilometres of road and rail networks that connect the Port Metro Vancouver Terminal in Delta with the North American rail network. The program, which is managed by twelve partners, requires the construction of eight overpasses – of which Binnie has been involved in six.

There are four overpasses within the City of Surrey alone. The 152 Street Overpass project is being delivered using conventionally tendered construction packages.  The  three other overpasses in Surrey (192 Street, 54 Avenue, and 196 Street) are being delivered as a single combined Design-Build package, referred to as the “combo project”.  The combo project includes elements in four jurisdictions: the City of Surrey, City of Langley, Township of Langley, and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

As Owner’s Engineer for the City of Surrey, Binnie refined the reference concept design to address stakeholder comments, prepared the Scope and Performance Specification for the Design-Build Procurement, served as Technical Advisor for evaluation of Expressions of Interest, prepared presentation materials for Public Information Sessions, and coordinated with City staff and environmental consultant for property acquisition, CEAA Screening submission, and ALC approval.

Binnie was the Contract Administrator for the Design-Build contract for all four Surrey overpasses, responsible for coordinating design and submittal reviews, progress payments, negotiating any contract changes, and quality auditing.  Binnie was responsible for technical and communications liaison with the different jurisdictional authorities and the Program Managers.

Surrey, BC

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