Our Culture

Creating Corporate Culture that Integrates Our Values

At Binnie, creating corporate culture that integrates our values, delivers on corporate social responsibility initiatives, and supports the building, construction and engineering of sustainable, green communities is a key priority.

Our values and culture have a strong impact on the work we do and the people who work with us; including employees, clients, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

In developing a strong culture for our organization, we have committed to:

  • clearly identifying our future through a focus on our vision;
  • delivering exceptional solutions to our clients;
  • supporting our employees and colleagues by creating a work environment that employees enjoy;
  • developing an environment that supports learning and development;
  • a corporate social responsibility program that connects the work we do with our beliefs and values;
  • working on projects that our employees are proud to be part of;
  • being leaders in our industry.


We believe that, in addition to having highly talented and experienced engineers, technologists, technicians and administrative and support staff, we need our people to be both engaged and committed to our organization’s values, culture and vision – that alignment between our people and our organization is what enables us to deliver effective solutions and consistent results.  Fit is important to us, to our employees, and to our clients. Binnie has been operating in British Columbia since 1969; our successful history of continuous improvement in providing engineering services that build and connect communities has enabled us to support our clients, as well as our employees. Demonstrating leadership and a strong corporate culture in our corporate social responsibility initiatives are key elements in developing a culture that continues to grow, build and sustain our organization.  As our environment evolves and adapts, so do we.

Creating corporate culture at Binnie is an ongoing process. Our leadership helps to set our direction. Our people help to move us forward.