Our Commitment (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility of Business: Civil Engineering Services

As a civil engineering services company operating in Western Canada, Binnie is invested in, and committed to, the social responsibility of business. We believe in the benefits of corporate social responsibility and in building sustainable communities.

Binnie Civil Engineering Services

Corporate social responsibility is about balancing three pillars (also known as ‘three legs of the CSR stool’ – all three need to be in balance to be effective): social, economic and environmental.

  1. The social impact of our business reaches out to non-profit and charitable organizations.  By supporting our communities from a social perspective, we commit to have a positive impact on our society and culture.
  1. As an employer, supplier, client of other businesses, and community member, Binnie is focused on economical viability.
  1. From an environmental perspective, we build sustainability into our projects. We support building sustainable communities and infrastructure and we support our employees in training and development in environmental leadership programs, such as LEED certification.

Our corporate culture recognizes and supports the need for organizational support and engagement in corporate social responsibility. We actively support employees’ commitment to charitable and/or non-profit organizations in our communities.  We contribute to Ronald McDonald House, BC Children’s Hospital, Engineers without Borders, Make a Wish Foundation, Movember, and others.

We are committed to ongoing training, education and development and support our employees in their efforts to continue learning.  We also work with the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – British Columbia and support the Young Professionals Group at ACEC-BC.  Recently, we have worked to develop project management training programs for First Nations that enable participants to understand and implement best-practices engineering management.

Our employees believe in being involved in the communities in which we live, and work. And we believe in supporting this employee involvement through formal and informal corporate social responsibility programs.