As a company that is committed to helping our local communities, Binnie is pleased to announce that we are donating a total of $36,000 to support the local food banks divided over six of our office locations.

Over the last three years, Binnie has donated a total of $91,535 while our staff has contributed a total of $11,280, bringing the grand total to over $102,000.

This donation comes at a critical time when food banks usage has increased by 35% over the last two years, with 33% of users being children and 9% being seniors. In many communities, food insecurity is an invisible issue. We hope this donation will help people in local communities access fresh and nutritious food. 

Please learn more about each of our recipients by clicking below.  

CityReach Care Society 
Calgary Food Bank
Squamish Food Bank Society
Langley Food Bank
Prince George Food Bank
Kamloops Food Bank


Below: Richard Bush, P.Eng., MBA, PMP., our President & CEO poses with Cheryl Mcmanus, Assistant Executive Director at CityReach Care Society for donation drop-offs. Thank you to Kapil Munjal, MBA, Breanna Dahlby, AScT, and Maenard Bihis, EIT for also posing with us.