Members of Binnie’s Young Professionals Group were honoured with the Fan Favourite Award at the ACEC-BC – Young Professionals Group – Consultants’ Contraption event on Sunday, April 24.

The team, which included young professionals from Binnie’s Geomatics, Landscape Architecture, Development & Infrastructure, and Transportation Divisions, were tasked with a particular challenge. They were to design a “contraption” that would move a ball through a machine in the most complicated way possible. The contraption was required to meet specific measurements, enabling the ball to travel from one team’s contraption to the next, ultimately creating the “Consultants’ Contraption”.

SNC-Lavalin, Associated Engineering and AECOM also participated in the event.

The annual event, which was held at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, raised funds to benefit Geering Up UBC Engineering and Science for Kids, a non-profit organization that promotes science, engineering, and technology to youth.