It is with great pleasure we announce our newly commissioned BC Land Surveyor, Kunal Jain.

(BCLS #1053) was sworn in on June 30th, 2022!

Since 1905, there have been only 1052 BC Land Surveyors commissioned in the Province. There are very few with this professional designation.

Kunal joined Binnie nearly 7 years ago and worked hard towards his commission; including the completion of his exams, practical project and the professional assessment interview.

Kunal’s team is extremely proud, with Roland Bircher, Binnie’s lead in Legal Survey, as his principal who mentored Kunal in the process. Kunal is the first “home-grown” BC Land Surveyor at Binnie.

In the picture, left to right:
Gene Nikula (BCLS #803)
Mark Dailey (BCLS #867,Member of the Board of Management of the Association of BC Land Surveyors)
Kunal Jain (BCLS #1053)
Roland Bircher (BCLS #912)
Nima Ghiasi (BCLS #895)