Transportation Minister, Todd Stone, hosted a by-invitation event to mark the total completion milestone of the Port Mann Highway 1 Improvement Project. Binnie staff attended on behalf of the Transportation Investment Corporation, including Project Director Gerry Fleming and Deputy Project Director/Engineering Manager, Edmund Lee; both were involved throughout the planning, design, and construction phases of the project.

The Port Mann Highway 1 Improvement Project is the largest single transportation project in the history of the Province of British Columbia, at a cost of $3.3 billion.  The project scope included the reconstruction of 37 kilometres of urban freeway, 17 interchanges and a new 10-lane, cable-stayed bridge crossing of the Fraser River.  From 2007 – 2014, Binnie’s transportation and survey staff logged 40,000 hours on this project. Binnie’s role through project management and engineering oversight during the design and construction phases was key to the successful completion of this world-class project.