The Vancouver Sun reported today that the City of Vancouver is slated to pilot a pedestrian scramble intersection design on Robson Street in Vancouver. This intersection design stops traffic in all directions, allowing pedestrians to cross the street in any direction, including diagonally. Because of the separation of pedestrian and vehicular movement, the possibility for collisions is reduced.

The Moncton Street and No. 1 Road intersection in Richmond was designed by Binnie in 2011, and is the only one of its kind in British Columbia. The project was managed by Scott Campbell of Binnie’s Project Services Division and designed by staff in the Transportation Division. The previous all-way-stop-controlled intersection failed frequently during peak periods in the summer due to significant vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist volumes, and was causing right-of-way confusion for all users.

In the development of the Functional and Detailed Intersection Design, Binnie reviewed background information, collected vehicular and pedestrian traffic data, analyzed the existing safety and operational concerns, developed problem and opportunity statement, prepared intersection design options, evaluated the options to determine the preferred one, and developed a simulation video for the City to use at stakeholder consultations.

The intersection was completed In November, 2011 and is considered a successful project by the City of Richmond.