Transportation engineering staff representing Binnie, the BC Ministry of Transportation (MOTI) and Transportation Investment Corporation (TI Corp) welcomed a senior government delegation from the Liaoning Ministry of Transportation/Communications, China.  The Liaoning delegation included the Deputy Minister of Transportation, Mr. Li Wei, and Chief Engineer, Mr. Yuan Guangqin, along with other Directors and senior officials.

On hand representing Binnie Transportation Engineering Division and TI Corp were Edmund Lee (Deputy Project Director/PMH1 Project) and Jeff van den Eerenbeemt (Project Engineer/PMH1 Project). Gerry Fleming (Project Director, PMH1 Project) represented TI Corp and Louis Sun (Project Manager, South Coast Region) attended on behalf of MOTI.

The meeting was held at the MOTI South Coast Region’s new office in Coquitlam, and included a presentation by Binnie’s Edmund Lee and MOTI’s Louis Sun regarding the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project, where Binnie is currently acting as the Owner’s Engineer on behalf of the Province of BC.

Following the presentation, there was a good dialogue and exchange of experiences around delivering large transportation infrastructure projects from the perspectives of both the Liaoning delegation and MOTI/TI Corp.  Representatives from the Liaoning delegation shared their experiences from one of their current projects which involves planning and designing 360 km length of 12-lane highway widening, linking a major port city with an interior city. The day concluded with a traditional gift exchange, where the delegation presented the representatives of Binnie, MOTI and TI Corp with a gift from Liaoning Province as a token of appreciation for the Canadians’ hospitality.

The meeting provided an excellent opportunity for Binnie and MOTI/TI Corp to showcase BC Transportation Engineering know-how on the PMH1 Project, as well as to learn from the experience of industry colleagues on an international level.