Land Development Design and Engineering

Land Development Design, Planning and Engineering

Land development design projects require engineering talent and skill and also the engineering resources, relationships and understanding of what's necessary to move a project efficiently through the approval process.

With our experienced and talented employees, we can help move your project forward.

Our land development design group has worked as owner’s engineer, and worked on public-private partnerships (P3) and design build projects.  We are experienced delivering feasibility studies, subdivision planning and development, stormwater management, commercial development, industrial projects, roads, parking lots, and siltation control projects.  We have designed, planned, and managed projects across the province and have the engineering resources and talent to deliver effective solutions.

Details of the Services that We Provide

Subdivision Planning

  • We design and plan individual lots, roads and services within a parcel of land to be subdivided: preparing lot layout plans showing lot dimensions and sizes, lot yield and density, potential building envelope zones, setbacks and other relevant information.
  • Our experience as land surveyors and civil engineers brings added value to your project as the feasibility of servicing each parcel is also considered at the subdivision planning stage.

Feasibility Studies

  • When assessing the feasibility of a development, we review a broad range of factors, including estimating total construction costs, potential lot yield for subdivision, municipal rezoning conditions, identification of potential risks, servicing concerns, and level of public and municipal support.
  • Identifying, and understanding these, and other, issues in the early stages can help you make the best decisions for your development project.

Residential Subdivisions

  • We provide detailed designs, survey, tendering, and inspection for single and multi-family residential developments and subdivisions, including on and off-site roads, parking and services, as well as coordination of building permit approvals and servicing agreements.

Commercial and Industrial Developments

  • Our full engineering services for commercial and industrial developments include detailed designs, survey, tendering, and inspection for both on-site and off-site work.
  • We deliver innovative designs for large scale developments that require larger services and wider major collector or arterial roads.
  • We also identify and plan the engineering resources needed to handle weak or contaminated soils, utility conflicts, and creeks or other water management challenges.

Off-Site Roads and Services

  • As civil engineers we are responsible for the preparation and certification of any off-site works and services that may be required as a result of subdivision or rezoning of a property.
  • This typically includes work within the road allowance, such as water, sewer and drainage connections and mainline extensions, road widening and/or paving, curbs, street lighting, public sidewalks, bike paths or pathways, and boulevards.

Siltation Control Plans

  • Our services include the preparation of innovative, practical and cost effective solutions for sediment control during construction.
  • We work closely with you, and with the approving municipality or jurisdiction, to ensure that the sediment control measures adopted are both functional and necessary.

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