Transportation Services: Traffic Management Planning

Traffic Management Planning and Engineering

Effective traffic management planning, designing and engineering requires talent and experience with efficient infrastructure building: we provide those resources.

Traffic Management Planning and Engineering Services

Densification and population growth are drivers of traffic engineering plans: Binnie’s team of professional engineers and technologists have the skills, the talent and the experience to assist you with your challenges related to land development, operational improvements, transportation planning, and infrastructure building and maintenance across Western Canada.

We can provide a variety of transportation engineering and traffic management planning services and are capable of assessing, designing and planning for transportation issues related to demographic, economic and density challenges (for example, large city centers with challenges such as Vancouver traffic movement or the terrain challenge of small and remote rural areas).

Moving people and goods across well developed areas presents specific challenges.  Moving people and goods across rough, and remote, terrain presents its own unique challenges.  Movement of people and goods requires roads, bridges and highways and infrastructure that is well designed, sustainable and well built. Our transportation civil engineers and technologies have the experience with transportation projects across the province.

Traffic Impact Studies

Most often a Traffic Impact Study is prompted by a proposed development (residential, commercial, industrial or a combination of these three). The study reviews existing traffic operations of the impacted area or intersection(s) and recommends improvements to maintain an acceptable level of service for the road network within the proposed development.

The following provides a typical study outline:

  • Define nature and location of the proposed development or area
  • Assess adjacent land use and road system
  • Traffic projection
  • Trip generation and distribution
  • Traffic analysis – existing and future condition
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Access management
  • Consider design issues
  • Evaluate road safety issues
  • Evaluate environmental issues (if any)
  • Make recommendations

Traffic Operations

Binnie’s Traffic Engineering group has experience working with a number of stakeholders (for example, the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Municipalities across Western Canada, public and private sector organizations) and dealing with a number of challenging traffic operations’ issues.
Our Traffic Operations related services include:

  • Traffic engineering studies
  • Traffic operations analysis
  • Geometric design and operational effects, such as streetscaping
  • Traffic safety
  • Traffic calming initiatives
  • Traffic control devices

Traffic Management

We provide traffic management services for owners (as Owner’s Engineer) or for construction contractors. We are also able to review Contractor’s Traffic Management Plans to ensure conformance with contract specifications and good practice. Our traffic services include traffic management plans and guidelines.

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