Adrian Suarez, EIT, B.Eng., LEED Green Associate works as an Assistant Project Manager at Binnie, where he coordinates resources, monitors progress, and develops tools to support driving construction projects forward. Adrian is fairly new to Binnie having started in 2022 but is enjoying his experience so far! As an EIT, Adrian is working towards his P.Eng and PMP.  

Working in Project Delivery and Construction is not always what Adrian thought when he grew up. He thought that projects were simpler and straightforward, but navigating the complexity of construction projects is what makes his job interesting, and it’s even better than he thought! Before working at Binnie, Adrian worked as a Project Coordinator and Site Inspector. 

Currently, Adrian’s favorite project is the Translink Station Access Safety Project (SASP). It is a Translink project that will help with accommodating 5 new incoming car trains. Through his work on this project, Adrian is helping to improve community transportation. 

When Adrian is not working, he enjoys making espressos and working on his leg day at the gym. He lives by the motto, “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it,” by George Halas. 

Adrian is part of Binnie’s Book club and Young Professionals Group, and he enjoys participating in team potlucks and the Secret Santa he got to experience this past year. He advises others in similar roles to never stop trying new things. His most memorable advice recently came from his Manager, Simon Lee who mentioned that it is important to remember that “the energy you put in, is the energy you usually receive,”, especially during first impressions. 

For Adrian, the most rewarding aspect of his job is meeting all types of people on a daily basis, and he looks forward to many more exciting projects at Binnie.