Dave Hayes, P.Eng., is a Project Manager and Engineer of Record who has been part of the Burnaby Development team at Binnie for the past five years.  

Dave’s role involves working closely with the staff in his division as well as collaborating with other teams. He’s been fortunate enough to work with almost every division at some point and has found it to be an excellent source of accessible in-house information. Dave loves working closely with great teams both inside and outside the company. He enjoys meeting lots of people and building those projects together. He particularly relishes big, long projects with lots of little milestones he can check off.  

One project that Dave is currently working on is a very futuristic endeavor – a new fully automated factory for fulfilling grocery orders using robotics and AI/machine learning. (WOW!) 

Dave’s career journey followed the classic path for an engineer: Step 1. Legos, Step 2. Engineer. (Funny, Dave!) However, he has also worked in some entirely different worlds, such as music, picture framing, and even managing a hotel at one point. In that regard, Dave has spoken four different languages during different periods of his life while working in these different worlds.  

When it comes to the funniest thing Dave has experienced through work, he reminisces about the small Christmas party they managed to have after coming out of lockdown. Everyone was in high spirits, and the night kept going and going. 

While not at work, Dave’s current favorite hobby involves pottery, where he spends every Monday in the pottery studio from 5:45-8:45. 

Dave’s favorite quote is “You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t,” voiced by Bart Simpson.