Meet Greg Jones, GIT, GradTech, one of our Assistant Project Managers in our Southern Interior Division in Kamloops.

Greg describes himself as a geologist with a “keen interest in the natural world and managing projects.” Greg’s background might sound a bit more unique – he returned to school after completing a degree and working for five years in the field as an exploration geologist. He then made the decision to work towards his Diploma in Civil Engineering.

“It felt a lot like hitting the reset button, but I knew it would open up more career opportunities.”

Having obtained that Civil Engineering diploma in 2018, he now uses his skills to ensure his teams are on task with budgets, schedules and scopes with meetings and phone calls between clients and team members.

When quarantine is over, he’s most excited to go back to those in-person meetings he really used to enjoy. For him, in-person meetings seem much more productive and tend to generate better discussions. He finds you can interpret so much from people’s reactions and body language. He also enjoys the networking aspect of in-person meetings.

When issues arise, he looks at it more as an opportunity to use his problem-solving skills!

If you’re wondering if that first degree is ever helpful, Greg says:

“There is a bit more crossover (with geology) than I would have thought. For example, a few of the projects I’m working on we have to deal with metal leaching/acid rock drainage (ML/ARD), which I have some understanding of the chemistry. It’s quite prevalent and a big issue with mine tailings. Also, some of the geotechnical aspects have a bit of crossover. I think any sort of degree program is helpful though.”

In terms of Greg’s favourite project so far, he considers one of his current highway projects to be quite exciting. He mentions that the project is unique because there are many interested parties and a lot of moving pieces.

“The project team has engaged with local governments, Indigenous communities, and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. It has had plenty of challenges, which include multiple changes to the budget, scope reviews by local experts, and schedule setbacks over the last eight years.”

Overall, he really enjoys the fact he feels like his choice in an employer really invests in their employees.

“Things like the mentoring program, the ability to attend events and being supported when working on professional development. I enjoy the groups as well and the community feeling of the company.”

When Greg isn’t working, you can find him fishing, snowboarding or hiking.

With a little bit more time during this pandemic, Greg has no had a little more time to fish and tie his own flies.