Jason Fong, EIT, is a Project Engineer here at Binnie. Jason’s calm and upbeat demeanour may hide his competitive nature, but ask any staff member who has played board games or video games with him, and they will let you know – Jason is in it to win it. He applies the same strategic approach to his work. By keeping a positive attitude and always thinking a few steps ahead, Jason has been able to tackle even the most challenging projects.

Wondering what a typical workday looks like for Jason? It might look a little something like this:

1.      Determine the order of sites to be visited, based on the importance of the work being completed and the site’s location.

2.      Visit sites and record observations.

3.      Return to the office to complete inspection reports, review shop drawings, and coordinate with others to address construction and design issues.

4.      Upload site photos on to the Binnie servers.

Curious how Jason manages his workflow? There are a few things he does at the start of each project:

1.      Create a shortcut folder on his desktop for each project file.

2.      Bookmark the location of each project in Google Maps and label these bookmarks with the project number.

3.      Setup cloud access to key project files like IFC drawings, so he can access them anywhere at any time

Jason enjoys being out on site. For him, there is nothing better than starting your day with fresh air and sunshine. This environment helps Jason maintain his positive outlook on the day ahead. A good attitude can go a long way, particularly when Jason is faced with challenges. During his busiest days, it is critical that tasks are prioritized appropriately. When something urgent comes up, Jason’s planning and positivity allow his to calmly roll with the changes and shift his schedule accordingly.

When asked about his favourite project, Jason notes that his North Vancouver projects really stand out because he has finally been able to see the full life cycle of a project. In the beginning, Jason was completing ESC inspections, now he’s overseeing the construction work and design changes with other project members.

Jason learned a lot from these projects. A big takeaway was establishing expectations with contractors early; this allowed him to maintain an open dialogue with contractors and helped ensure he was able to see critical construction items installed.

Everyone has faced additional challenges this year, but Jason applies the same upbeat attitude to life that he does to his work. He’s made the most out of his extra time at home by researching new recipes to add to his meal-prepping. Just goes to show that whatever challenge life throws at Jason, he’s always game.