Simon Church, P.Eng. is a Project Engineer with Binnie. He recently stepped into his new role as the Staff Manager for the Transportation Major Projects division. Today, he is also one of Binnie’s Associate shareholders. Simon initially started out as an Assistant Project Manager four and half years ago.

When Simon was young, he always knew he wanted to be a civil engineer. His earliest memories include playing with his Tonka in the sandbox, so it made sense when Simon attended university to study engineering and later became an engineer co-op student in some unique places like Nunavut, Alaska, and Northwest Territories.

His first exposure to Binnie came from other friends at university who worked for Binnie:

“I heard a lot of great things and wanted to join the team. My first job was tree planting in Tumbler Ridge. That job taught me about work ethic and being grateful for what you have.”

After joining our team, Simon went on to work on one of the most recognizable projects in the Lower Mainland – the Alex Fraser Bridge Improvement Project. According to Simon, this was a once-in-a-lifetime project that he had the opportunity to work on. For him, the most enjoyable part is seeing what a positive, significant impact it has had in our community.

In regards to what was completed, The Alex Fraser Bridge Improvement project added a 7th lane to the bridge and an innovative moveable barrier counterflow system that is currently saving motorists up to 30 minutes a day on their commutes. It has gone on to win several awards, including:

  • 2020 GVITE Bill Curtis Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement
  • 2020 BC MOTI’s Deputy Minister’s Award for Engineering Excellence
  • 2020 TAC Conference – Highway Geometrics & Safety Presentation
  • EGBC Innovation Magazine (May 2020 publication) – Annual Highlights Article

Today, you can find him enrolled in an ISO 9001 lead quality auditor course, in addition to getting to know his colleagues. Simon believes that you can learn a lot more about someone after work than you do in the office. He applies this same principle to his clients as well.

One of his team members includes Edmund Lee, P.Eng., the Vice President of his team. He considers Edmund to have been a great mentor who is always willing to share his knowledge with Simon.

In his free time, Simon golfs and reads. He is currently reading one of the many classics, “1984” by George Orwell. You might also find him speaking fluent French as he is originally from Montreal!


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