Wilfred Wong, EIT is an Electrical Design engineer who is primarily responsible for consulting with the senior electrical engineers and designing solutions to meet client’s needs. These designs include CAD designs, cost estimates, and code-requirements. He chose his current field for the possibility of moving the world forward to a “brighter future.” For Wilfred, electrical engineering gives him the opportunity to watch his local communities change and improve.

Working in his role, he considers the most rewarding part to be the fact that he gets to work with an extremely knowledgeable team and to grow both personally and professionally. One of the ways he has grown is within his technical skillset. Wilfred can attest to the fact that he has learned a lot about electrical systems through working on various projects. With his elevated technical skills, he feels more confident in applying all his new knowledge.

This year, Wilfred worked on energizing the installation of the new cranes at Vanterm. About the project, he says:

“It’s a very interesting project in that it requires all parties to work around an extremely active port terminal that cannot be overly impacted from the new installation. It’s also very humbling to be able to build on the extensive work that others in the company have done with the terminal, and to recognize the sheer magnitude of service Vanterm provides to Canada as part of the country’s largest port.”

If you’re wondering how  Wilfred has gotten to where he is, he attributes his network as being critical to his success as an engineer.

“Support is not limited to just colleagues that can help you build your career, but also family and friends for mental support to keep you motivated day in and day out.”

As for anyone starting out, he says that every opportunity is a chance to grow yourself and your career, “Be it success, failure, or anything in-between,” and that one should “never be afraid to ask questions.”