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Binnie has a strong reputation for engineering infrastructure growth and development. We have been delivering engineering and technology solutions that build and connect communities since 1969.

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As civil engineering consultants, Binnie provides infrastructure engineering and related services in landscape architecture; transportation engineering; land development; traffic planning; parks, sports and recreation facilities development; Northern services; legal surveying; construction management services; geomatics; municipal services, water, sanitary sewer systems and stormwater management; and project management services in Western Canada.

Engineering, designing and planning helps each of us accomplish our daily routines: from driving to work, to school, to picking up our children from school, shopping for groceries, or doing any of the myriad daily tasks that make up our day.  Roads, highways, bridges, airports, transit, railways, ports, buildings for homes, schools, libraries, commercial and industrial use, water delivery and drainage, bike paths, running trails, parks, sports fields, recreation facilities, parking lots …  every element of our daily life requires engineering in some form.

Engineering impacts and influences infrastructure across the country; and infrastructure defines and connects communities and public, and private, spaces.  We have been part of that impact and process for 48 years. Binnie has been a leader in engineering effective infrastructure solutions in Western Canada since 1969.

As engineers, we work to measure, size up, size in, reconstruct, renew, recycle, confirm, grow, shrink, transform, plan and/or design for a variety of functions and spaces. And, at Binnie, we are passionate about sustainable engineering, about ensuring that our work reflects cultural and societal needs and norms, and about producing solutions that you want, and need.

We have 170 dedicated employees who are committed to engineering and designing effective solutions; who believe in continuous improvement, a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, and who provide integration across a number of our disciplines. Our highly talented and experienced team of engineers, technologists and professionals are available to work with you on your projects.

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