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Land Surveying Jobs at Binnie in Western Canada

Binnie has land surveying jobs available in Western Canada. We are looking for an experienced surveyor with project management and business development experience.

Land survey is one of a number of civil engineering jobs available at our growing company.

We have a talented team working in our Geomatics division: employees enjoy the variety of services and the ability to work both outside and inside the office.

We provide legal surveying services, such as topographic and volumetric surveying through Binnie Land Surveying Limited.

We are looking for people who have a professional land surveyor designation, who are good communicators, have the ability to lead and work in a team environment, and who have good supervisory skills.

Land survey is a necessary element of land development and infrastructure work. We provide survey work for direct client requirements and in relation to services connected to our municipal; land development; traffic planning; transportation engineering; highways and roads construction; landscape architecture; parks, sports and recreation; project services, as well as our Central BC and Northern groups.

Binnie Land Surveying Ltd. is a separate company that is responsible for legal land survey projects.  You can apply for a land surveyor position with Binnie Land Surveying Ltd. (BLSL) by submitting your resume and cover letter to Binnie’s Human Resources department.  Or, if you are interested in Geomatics and other land surveying or field services opportunities, please indicate your interest in this group in your cover letter.

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