We are delighted to share an incredible accomplishment from the 2024 BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Transportation Consulting Engineers Awards.  

At last week’s awards event, Binnie had two projects that were finalists in the category of Design and Contract Preparation for Roads. The two projects were the West Fraser Road Flood Recover Project and the Highway 14 Connie Road to Glinz Lake Road Four-laning. 

And the winner was…the West Fraser Road Flood Recover Project!

Robert Mankowske from our Northern team and Jenny Toussaint from our Water Resources team accepted the award. Key individuals included Gordon Wagner as the Coordinating Professional Engineer, Robert Mankowske as the Highway Design Engineer-of-Record, Jennifer Dowden as the Lead Highway Designer, and Jennifer Toussaint as the Drainage Engineer-of-Record.   

The Highway 14 project was delivered by our Highway Design team. Key individuals on the project included Eddie Ballarin as the Highway Design Engineer-of-Record, Keith Tompkins as the Lead Highway Designer, Xyllene Guerra as the Highway Design Engineer, and Amanda Rust as the Drainage Engineer-of-Record.  

You can view a video and read more about the two projects at the link below.