Binnie’s second “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” was held on February 22nd, 2024. The event was hosted by Binnie and led by RISE, with the goal of inspiring young girls who are choosing their career paths.

The event welcomed 34 girls from grades 6-12 representing several schools, including Alpha Secondary, Burnaby Central, Burnaby North, Notre Dame, Inquiry Hub, and Burnaby Mountain Secondary. The day started with pastries and beverages at a networking breakfast with volunteers, allowing the girls to connect with our volunteer speakers before starting their day. 

The girls then had the opportunity to learn about Binnie from the Human Resources team, gaining insight into what the company does across British Columbia and Alberta. The day continued with interactive challenges where girls engaged in thought-provoking activities with staff in different roles, encouraging them to think critically and creatively, from project delivery to traffic services. 

After a day of interactive activities, girls enjoyed lunch with over 35 staff at our Burnaby office, who wore volunteer prompts to discuss everything from their careers to their successes and advice for their younger selves.  

Our students also received the opportunity to tour and learn about two Binnie projects. One group walked to Burnaby City Hall to learn about Binnie’s contributions to the award-winning “EV Chargers and Solar Canopy Project,” while another group visited the “YWCA Housing Project” to learn about erosion sediment control. 

The event concluded with a Fireside Chat Q&A, where several female-identifying guest speakers shared their experiences and insights into the engineering industry. The girls were able to ask questions and gain further knowledge about the various paths they could take in the field of engineering.  We hope this year’s cohort of girls left feeling inspired and empowered!  

About RISE 

RISE’s mission to raise female voices in a collaborative, goal-driven, and supportive environment was effectively achieved through this initiative.  

Did you know?  

According to the statistics, 69% of girls who reported having mentors on Girl Day were inspired to consider a career in engineering.