We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest VP of Infrastructure Delivery, David Mintak.

David joined us following a distinguished career with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure where he managed the South Coast Region project delivery group that worked on over 100 projects annually. David initially worked in the construction branch and eventually found a home in project delivery. He worked his way up to through the ranks and eventually landed a leadership role at the Ministry, where he was the Regional Manager of Project Delivery. One of his most notable contributions involves working within the award-winning Ministry Olympic Transportation Team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. There, he led the highway improvements and traffic management in the Whistler region of the Highway 99 corridor. This involved widening the highway to accommodate counter flow and the large number of athletes travelling back and forth.

We are ecstatic to be adding his unique skill set, leadership qualities, and understanding of Infrastructure work to Binnie.